About me

Who I am 

Born in the early 1980s, I first got into photography at the age of 27. After a long hiatus, I returned to it in 2021 with a fresh perspective on the art. What started as a spark turned into a flame and eventually ignited into a full-blown fireworks display.

Outside of photography, I am passionate about history, philosophy, literature, music, and art in general. I strive to acquire new knowledge every day.

For me, photography is a form of therapy, a way to learn to live well with myself, and to develop my self-esteem and confidence.

My vision 

For me, photography is a means of sharing everyday life, whether it's human life, animal life, or the artistic inspiration of the moment. Street photography is a way for me to capture moments of life, fleeting instants. My goal is to leave for future generations what photographers of previous generations have left us.

My choice of the expression "Just 1 Photo" is my response to those who ask why I take photos of people. It's just one photo... But it's not just a photo, it's my photographic testimony of my era.

Because photography isn't just about selfies posted repeatedly on social media; it should be a reflection of everyday life.